Heavy-Duty Riding Lawn Mowers
& Zero-Turn Mowers

You demand power and strength in riding lawn mowers, whether cutting an acre of grass or the lawn at your home. You get all of this and more from the Bad Boy Mowers™ we sell. These zero-turn mowers are built to cut grass day in and day out, year after year. Our mowers are known for their toughness, dependability, and competitive prices.

LOOKING BACK, WE SURE DIDN’T THINK TO OURSELVES ‘THIS IS A GOOD START FOR BECOMING THE BIGGEST ZERO-TURN MOWER MANUFACTURER IN AMERICA’. Turns out it was a great place to start. The name came early when a test driver jumped off and exclaimed, That’s a real Bad Boy!? Because we packed our mower with power, strength and speed, Mow with an Attitude became our mission and marketing slogan.

We knew we were on to something because competitors would freely offer the advice that we couldn’t keep over-building them like that and sell them for that low of a price. Of course, we just didn’t think there was anything wrong with building a mower that outlasted everything else out there and our customers sure didn’t seem to mind saving a bit of money along the way.

It’d be tough to separate the strength of our people from the strength of our mowers. Because as tough as our mowers are, they’re no match for the people that design, build, bring to market and sell them as a part of the Bad Boy Mower family. We call it the strength from within. And it’s why you can call it the strongest, most powerful mower – with the cleanest cut on the planet.

THOSE FIRST COUPLE YEARS, WE COMMITTED OURSELVES TO BUILDING 6,000 SQ. FT. OF OFFICE AND 20,000 SQ. FT. OF MANUFACTURING SPACE LOCATED RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE COUNTRY, IN THE OZARK MOUNTAINS. What started with 20 employees has grown to more than 700. As shown above, it’s still the hub of an operation that spans 105 acres and almost a million sq. ft. of facilities.

We certainly had our setbacks in the earliest years. Discovering that our early out-sourced powder coat paint was applied without UV protection, our infamous pink ladies (or Bad Girls) started appearing at our dealer lots. It gave us the early opportunity to learn two valuable lessons: always do right by our customers and do absolutely everything possible in-house to control quality.

We’ve always built our mowers like they used to, with a build standard that’s anything but disposable quality. From the very beginning, we’ve been building on the premise that a Bad Boy may be the last mower you ever need to own. But it’s been on the strength of our people that we’ve grown as far and fast as we have. The very people that built our first mower are still here to help make sure that every mower that follows is a Bad Boy through and through.

We continue to prove that good old-fashioned manufacturing is alive, well and growing right in the heart of America. Our continuing promise to never, ever stop innovating has been at the very heart of our company since the very beginning. Our patented innovations set the standard for accessibility, comfort and cut quality. With history as our guide, the best is well ahead of us.

Contact us today for a heavy-duty riding mower that stands the test of time. Our Orient, Ohio, company offers riding mowers and accessories for sale.