Your Choice of Custom Golf Car Accessories
& Custom Electric Vehicle Accessories

It’s the little things that make riding in your golf car or electric car even more fun. Little things like painted flames for an H3 Hummer or a Sony Xplod™ stereo with speakers for any vehicle.

Some of our custom golf car accessories are just for fun, while others offer more practical uses. Take, for example, an extended polycarbonate windshield for a 32 Roadster or a 39 Roadster snap-on canvas enclosure.

Custom electric vehicle accessories add so much to your vehicle. Choose an extended range battery system so you can travel for longer distances without recharging or add luxury with a leather seat upgrade. Check out our list of ACG custom vehicle accessories to improve your ride.

Contact us today to find the accessories you need for your custom electric vehicle. Our Orient, Ohio, company offers custom golf cars and accessories for sale.